Introduce Yourself, right on!

Hi! I’m Kerry, and I hate writing introductions. I hate writing bios. I hate trying to explain who I am in a short synopsis.

Don’t get me wrong, love writing. I enjoy sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences, but I feel a strange aversion to writing these. There’s something very off-putting, seemingly narcissistic, when writing about yourself.

Documenting who it is you think you are or who you want the world to think you are. Listing your interests, passions, hobbies, and skills. Your likes, dislikes, or political leanings. Nothing says, “Hey! Look at me! Look what I can do! Look how cool I think I am!” Like writing an introduction.

But I’m new here, and the world in a whole doesn’t know who the hell I am, what I’m about, or why I might be remotely interesting to you, the reader. Though I’ve  seen a lot, done a lot, and have stories to share, I am NOT famous… yet! Without an intro, I’m just another passing stranger you’ll never really know.

“Okay, dude! We’re four paragraphs deep, and I still don’t know anything about you…put up or shut up!”

Me goofin’ for the camera! My wife’s an amazing photographer!

Fine! If you insist…

My name is Kerry McCabe
I’m a man. Pronouns are He/Him
I’m 43yrs old, as of 2022
I’m from Lansing, MI, USA

I’m a faithful husband, step-father, brother, uncle, grand son, cousin, and friend

I’m a high-school dropout
I’m an accountant
I’m a musician, vocalist & novice guitarist
I’m a standup comedian
I’m a comedy booker
I’m an artist
I’m a writer
I’m a cook/foodie
I’m a homeowner who attempts DIY home improvement
I’ve done some modeling, but I’m not a model
I’m a dog lover, particularly Pomeranians

I have Bipolar II disorder & ADHD and suffer from long bouts of depression, anxiety & PTSD

I’m a recovering food addict who has lost over 140 lbs and has kept it off (for the most part) for many years

I’m an atheists who leans towards Buddhism and tries to practice compassion, mindfulness & meditation

I’m a bleeding-heart, liberal, but don’t consider myself a Democrat. I’m not fond of the left or the right. They’re both criminals.

I’m an avid music lover with a very extensive and eclectic record collection. From Doo-wop to Death Metal, Bluegrass to Black Metal and Pop to Punk (even Pop-Punk!) I like it all and will give anything a listen, except Nickelback. Who likes Nickelback? Certainly not me!

I’ve lived a full life so far. I’ve done a lot of things, many boring and mundane, but a few that some find quite interesting (from what I’ve been told), and I plan to write about them here. For you, but mostly for me. Writing is therapeutic, and I love to share. I’m an open book. Read me! I hope you find my story interesting.

4 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself, right on!

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  1. Well hello fellow high-school dropout that’s also been in accounting and writing. What similar paths we share, despite being on opposite ends of the world. Welcome, and wishing you all the best during your time here!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Stuart!

      Thanks for the comment! It’s always awesome hearing from people with similarities from across the globe! I’ve only just begun my blog, but it’s been fun so far. Wishing you all the best!



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