Traveling Man

I’m a travelin’ man. I’ve made a lot of stops all over the world. And in every port, I own the heart of at least one lovely girl.

SIKE! (Remember that word!?)

Be honest. How far did you make it into that paragraph before you realized it was some song lyrics? Or maybe you’re like, “Oh shit! This guy is openly a player! Didn’t he say he’s married? ” Yeah… no… not a player!

I’m actually a serial killer who travels all around the world, killing women and cutting out their hearts for my heart collection. No big deal! If you believed that, then it’s pretty obvious you don’t know me! I rarely leave my house anymore. I just lure them in from Craigslist.

Dressed up as Dexter for Halloween 2013

“Okay, wacko! I’m not buying that either. Where are you going with this?”

Sorry! I’m a comedian, so naturally, my mind goes to silly, weird, dark places when I let it wander. It’s kind of like when I wander all over the world, killing women! “They call me the wanderer, yeah, the wanderer. I roam around n round n round n round.”


I used to travel. Being a comedian and musician sent me all over the map. Mainly throughout the US and Canada, but I put in some miles! That all came to a screeching hault a few years back when this thing called coronavirus surfaced and plagued the world for three years. Needless to say, I haven’t traveled much since then.

But tomorrow, we’re waking up dark and early to embark on a 10-hour tour straight down to Hell, I mean Tennessee. We’re doing some dreaded holiday traveling, which is something new to us. We usually have a 7 mile trek at best. This year is different.

My mother-in-law has temporarily moved down there to help take care of her mother, who’s in her 90s and has dementia. She’s been down there going on two years now, so this year, the whole family is forming a convoy from the mitten to the Bible belt to bring the family holiday to her.

Three families, seven adults, three kids, a Pomeranian named Peaches, and a Turkey named Ted, all packed into three cars. What more could you ask for? Clear traffic and safe travels, that’s what!

It will be a nice treat to get out of here for a while since my wife and I work from home. I’m looking forward to some time off from work and a much needed change of scenery. We’ve rented a fancy little one bedroom pavillion suite overlooking the Waterloo Falls in Cookeville, TN.

Waterloo Falls Pavillion – Cookeville, TN

It’s been over a year since we saw Mom last, and we all can’t wait to see her! I’m just glad it all worked out to have the whole crew together for a Thanksgiving feast! I hope you all have a great holiday and get to eat your favorite foods with the ones you love, and perhaps a few you don’t. šŸ˜‰

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