11 Days

Let me start off saying I LOVE Cher! Cher! You know? Cher! Big, tall, Cher. Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves? Big, strong, passionate voiced, Cher? The Way of Love? Oh, that song! So fucking good!

I’ve been singing more lately. I haven’t done that in over a month with all my weekends occupied over the past several weeks. I just haven’t had time. – and that’s exactly what I’d love to be doing right now, at this very moment, on what is day one of eleven, consecutive, glorious, and hopefully long productive days off!

I’d be giddy to be out there in the lab, that’s what I call my old dilapidated, poorly insulated garage that contains all my hobbies and previous ventures remnants, supplies and shit we no longer need, but refuse to throw away.

Instead, the Midwest is getting pummeled by a storm of a century, with windchill in the deep teens, causing frost bite within five minutes of exposure. Last Saturday, I spent five hours in that garage, freezing my ass off, singing The Way of Love, and so many more! I had a blast but inadvertently hurt myself, staying out there too long.

So with winter storm, Satan, doing blast beats on our heads, I’m stuck inside, overwhelmed with all I still need to get done. Two days before Christmas, let alone trying to finish up insulating upstairs. I’m a little too late on that front at the moment, but boy has all the hard work I’ve put in so far. Closing up drafts and sealing up gaps has helped with heating.

I’m anxious! I’m always anxious! Anxious, I’ll make the wrong decision or mess something up terribly and cause issues down the line. Anxious, I won’t have time to do the things I want to do, write, sing, eat food! Anxious about driving in this weather. Anxious about all my unwrapped gifts, the lack of decor and oh, a tree! Yeah, not in the mood!


Sorry! I don’t mean to be the spirit crushers of Christmas, I’m not ready, and I’m worried. But really, what it comes down to is that I just need to start. So I’ll start now with the dishes. Listen to some Cher and watch the storm while I’m at it. I guessed I got a plan. I just need to get off this couch.

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