The Justification

Whenever I would express desire to leave social media, ironically, ON social media, everyone and their brother felt the need to chime in on why they couldn't. They'd ask me why and when I would give my reasons, it was often met with defensive and sometimes condescending murmurs of how "it doesn't affect them that... Continue Reading →

11 Days

Let me start off saying I LOVE Cher! Cher! You know? Cher! Big, tall, Cher. Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves? Big, strong, passionate voiced, Cher? The Way of Love? Oh, that song! So fucking good! I've been singing more lately. I haven't done that in over a month with all my weekends occupied over the past... Continue Reading →

Rainy Days and Mondays

You ever find you're talking to yourself and feeling old? Like, sometimes you'd like to quit and nothing' ever seems to fit? Lately I've been hanging around with nothing to do but frown. Well, not really. I've always got waaaay to much do do and apparently much more that Karen Carpenter did! But I must... Continue Reading →

One Last Show for the road

Editors note: This was originally written and posted on my Facebook on Friday, December 16th, 2022. This is me holding down the fort and hosting duties at a couple of our shows. Ugh! Where to begin and how do I say all the things I want to say? I did something like this many years... Continue Reading →

Introduce Yourself, right on!

Hi! I'm Kerry, and I hate writing introductions. I hate writing bios. I hate trying to explain who I am in a short synopsis. Don't get me wrong, love writing. I enjoy sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experiences, but I feel a strange aversion to writing these. There's something very off-putting, seemingly narcissistic, when writing... Continue Reading →

A Constant Battle

Throughout my entire life I battled my weight issues. I must've gained and lost more times than Larry King got married. I'd get super focused and lose the weight in a matter of months. You'd be surprised what a man can accomplish fairly quickly when you put in the work. I would lose the weight,... Continue Reading →

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